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Where there is a will, there is a way

by Sherrie Ellen on 04/05/16

When the winds of fear and despair over situations that you feel that there are no exit doors out of begin to blow your way, it’s important to remember one thing most of all. If you just remember this one thing then you are already ahead of the game. You must keep in mind that you must remain calm. There is a fix and a cure to every situation. But if you get overly excited and stay in the vortex of fear then you will block all the creative ways and messages that are being sent down to you from your angels.

 Fear blocks your creativity and keeps you in limbo much longer then if you just try to calm yourself and listen to the quietude within. God gives us all free will to choose our next move. And the angels will assist you if you call upon them. Their job is to serve god through helping all of us earthly souls that are abiding in gods garden learning our lessons on this plain.

People have been requesting 90 minute psychic readings from Michigan psychic, clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen in person. She has a special price that that she is offering for this extended reading that is not posted on her website. Master Spiritualist style reader Sherrie Ellen mixes up personalized astrology forecasts in most of her full readings. She also delivers vital past life regression readings. Her resources and connectivness abilities allows her to tap into the Akashic records.      

The weather is starting to cool, the stock market is in flux. We are coming into a new spiritual awakening where the universe is trying to create balance back into all areas where the scales have tipped due to human choices. It’s time to heal.  We all have lessons to learn. Some of our lessons are individual. And some are obviously collective. Where we have to make changes as a whole we have to pull together to bring order back on our psychical planet, socially bringing unity to all of our divided counties, which in the long run will help our economic growth. It all starts with the out pouring of love to and from one person at a time.

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