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Turning A Negative Experience Into A Positive One

by Sherrie Ellen on 12/22/15

Many times just by having a positive attitude about a negative experiences sets the wheels in motion within the universe toward spinning this grinding situation into a very positive and productive life lesson. There are moments in time where you just have to trust your own intuition and move away from the heat of the opposition’s moment to keep control over your own overly reactive egos response. Let the winds of time cool down, while you just ride the waves up stream toward your peaceful destination.

Remember that Saturn’s clues are that you keep on getting the same reoccurring negativity in your live. This means that you have missed your lesson. It like a never ending carousel until you are ready to face   your truth. We create all the circumstances in our life’s, which includes both the negative and positive. It’s like an electrical force that can be used to light a house or to draw something evil toward us. We must learn the feat of humbleness. There is no purpose in being garish. And by all means I am not suggesting that you let anyone take you for granted either.

Personally I find that all of my challenges as brutal as some of them have been have lead me down a better road in the long run. Life sometimes just has a lot of twists and turns when you ignore all the red flags that are being laid before you as a result of the choices that you have made. There are actually no wrong choices that anyone can make. It’s just that some choices lead you down toward much less turbulent paths toward a quicker recovery delivering you on more of a so called solid foundation.

 I personally choose to walk my path with my third eye wide open because I got tired of constantly putting fires out all around me. This means that do not try to change the people around me. I just walk away from people that do not have good intentions, and are always throwing negative wild hideously infectious debris. Sometimes there comes a time in your life when you just get tired of being everyone’s fairy god mother/father if theirs is not any growth for earthly spirts involved, or those that are surround by the circumstances involved. I learned in life that I sometimes have to walk away and let these people fall down and fend for themselves.

It is known in the psychic community that karmic fall back is much more intense for those who know better and still make selfish choices that cause harm to others. But this Michigan psychic has seen very dark souls who are living in earthly bodies that have had unbelievably painful lessons fall upon them because they refused to raise up and right the wrongs that they have done on the innocent. Just remember when someone hurts you that the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to seize the valuable lesson in it for your own spiritual growth.  And when someone you care about, who you thought cared about you just verbally assaults you it’s usually never about you anyway. Walk away and let the sunshine it.

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