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Our Oakland County Psychic Fair | Michigan Tarot Card Reader

by Sherrie Ellen on 08/20/15

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen wants everyone who is interested in a special day with private table readings with The Traveling Psychics best tarot card readers to contact her. We want to put on some special Michigan Psychic Fairs that will allow our public audience to have psychic readings, tarot card readings, palm readings, mediumship readings, astrology readings and much more that can be offered at a very special price. If Sherrie Ellen gets enough requests to book her extremely talented symphony of sages then she would be honored to put the time in to pull this mini extravaganza together. Sherrie Ellen has been scouting for new talent. And she has come across some remarkably talented psychic medium’s that would totally take your breath away. Our fortune tellers will make even the worst skeptic a believer.

The Traveling Psychics has a lot of readers calling them right off the internet asking for work. Some readers who try being Sherrie Ellen’s friend trying to bribe her with guilt are trying to work with her group. A few of these people want her to make them big stars like John Edwards. We are a service industry. We serve the God, the public and are total beacons of light. Sherrie Ellen is not afraid to say no. She uses the word no frequently to set up boundaries and keep her life and public arena clear of negativity.

The bottom line is that Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen has found some of the most talented men and woman that I am proud to present each as a medium to those who are seeking to contact their loved ones that traveled to the other side.  You will rarely see Sherrie Ellen or one of her a psychic or medium that works for The Traveling Psychics at a Michigan psychic fair because we are just too busy and in high demand to put our business on hold to do such things. Sherrie Ellen has tried doing fairs before where a lot of fortune tellers congregate. But she found that there was a lot of negative vibrations coming from the other readers who were more interested in competing to see how much money they can make instead of focusing on the high quality of services which is our main focus of attraction in the first place. We are here to serve and help those who are in need.

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