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Kabbalah Teaches About Bread Of Shame

by Sherrie Ellen on 10/23/15

My spirit guides are always looking out for me. They give me warnings through mediumship, psychic imagery as well and from other gifted friends that surround me. And since I am human I do not always listen. I love helping people to grow and be successful even though I worked hard to get where I am. Someone recently asked me why do I always want to carry people on my back? Many people who I helped and have started to help end up being very selfish and greedy. I give people chances. I want these people to stay humble through the process. But most of the time they show their true colors right from the beginning of the process.

My guides give me warnings not to take these people on and help them. But I have this Pollyanna part of my soul that wants to help them to succeed by lessoning their struggles. I am very good and what I do. I give them a chance to come under my wings. But it’s called bread of shame in Kabbalah when people are given something that they have not earned. That is why they blow my offers to smithereens by either stealing or asking me to financially support there opportunities instead of taking the steps to prove and earn what I am offering them.

What I see is they want what someone else has. Their visions are small. They would rather take what’s not theirs instead of earning greatness on their own. They feel that the world owes them a living. Many of these people just look at what others have and want to be feed crumbs because they are too lazy to do the work and to near sighted to go through the process of learning from those who have took the time to Master the universe around them though their own grueling work and education. When they try to emulate, and have a small success trying to model what I have done they lose it because they are not be and try to cheat the steps.

As many people have found through wrongful choices of their own, as well as battles to recover from a slighted economy that success which includes financial abundance can be fleeting if you do not stay on top of your own game by doing the right thing. I am also diligently refereeing to honesty as well as hard work. Many relationships and families have been busted up over such circumstances.

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