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It Is Written In The Zohar That Negativity Is Dangerous

by Sherrie Ellen on 04/05/16

Kabbalah Study

I am Michigan psychic medium and clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen. I study have been studying Kabbalah with my teacher Batsheva from the Kabbalah Center in California for many years now. Her husband who Chagia who has also become my present teacher has been a teacher with the center for over twenty years has now become my new Metropolitan Detroit Kabbalah teacher who is earning frequent flyer miles by gracing us with his expertise and light in person, and via satellite at our Detroit Kabbalah Study Group located in Oakland County, Michigan. 

Kabbalah Study Group

This physical world is an effect of the upper world. These two worlds stand parallel. The physical world and the spiritual world which is where our blessings come. The supernal world is the source of all blessings, and light.  The source gives to us according to where we are, our state of mind, and our state of consciousness at our given time. If we are joyful then we will be showered from the upper worlds with joy.  As we exist in this world so it will be shinned upon us from the supernal worlds.

We all want to attract more blessings into our lives

If we hold on to a negativity then we will be drawing upon us that same sense of judgement. The Zohar says that if we want blessings then we have to be happy. We do not draw blessings upon us when we are depressed or sad.  The Zohar says that it is actually dangerous to be sad and to hold on in this state of despair. You have to push yourself into a state of joy so you can draw the blessings and light upon you. If you want to repeat all the rewards of these blessings then you have to realize that holding onto the negativity is not worth it because it blocks the light from entering into your life. 

Every day we create new angels

When you hold onto anger and sadness you are keeping yourself from receiving all that your heart truly desires. But you must believe that you are worthy of all this goodness. Because if you thought you deserved all this goodness then you would let go of all that is negative and find yourself in the natural state of joy that was intended for you. When the light of the creator is hidden, that causes fear. Nothing negative can happen to you from the light of the creator. So just let it in, so you can feel safe and peaceful, knowing that you are protected.  

Be positive to block negativity

But when the individual allows the light of the creator to be removed from them then it opens up the individual to all kinds of negativity. Do not hug your chaos. You have to ask yourself are you fighting the unhappiness or are you just hugging your misery because its familiar and you are used to it? Or do you think that you do not deserve to be happy? When you stay in a negative state it opens up many portholes that allows all kinds of negativity to enter into your life including dark entity attachments that are hard to get rid of. When you remain in a negative state you cannot experience clarity. The light of the creator can only rest in a place where there is joy. 

Invite the joy in to create clarity

When King David would be stressed out about situations, and felt that his clarity was blocked then he use to invite over a harp player to raise his consciousness so he would feel the joy again in his life. Maybe we just need to open up a healthy fear of sadness so we can ignite a spark within ourselves to find the strength to attract an abundance of joy into our lives so we can attract blessings and light from the creator. Many people call Kabbalah a religion. But it is not. It is a technology that can enrich and change your life forever as it has mine. If you are stuck in a rut, then give it a shot. The system is very focused on astrology, angels, creating blessings, miracles and so much more. Just ask my teacher.

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